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"With so much expansion of media, tv, social media and overall technology, there are still many unanswered questions in the minds of young boys and girls. This is an ambitious project, aimed at behavioral change and overall thinking through these voluntary peer educators called Saathiya" - Sh CK Mishra, while addressing the gathering during the launch of Saathiya Resource Kit and Saathiya Salaah - the mobile app

The peer educators will be trained across the country in a phased manner, ensuring optimum use of the resource kit, which is a ready source of a range of communication material specially designed to help them to be recognised and respected as ‘saathiya’, a good friend for the adolescents.

The resource kit comprises activity book, Bhranti-Kranti Game, question-answer book and Peer Educator Diary.

In addition to the kit is the mobile app ‘Saathiya Salah’ which acts as a ready information source for the adolescents in case they are unable to interact with the peer educators.

While short films will be played by the peer educators at their group meetings, the activity book and games will bring about discussion and resolve adolescent queries.