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The resources were developed by United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in collaboration with iCALL, TISS to deliver support and enhance the capacities of counselors and social workers at One Stop Centers, Special Cells and Family Counselling Centers and also of Protection Officers and those working with women and girl survivors providing psycho-social support during the COVID-19 pandemic in the states of Rajasthan, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar and Maharashtra.

The resources include posters on:

Violence against women

  • Forms of violence
  • Remember to have a safety plan
  • Survivor Centric Approach

Domestic Violence

  • Complaint
  • Protection of women from Domestic Violence Act
  • Rights under Domestic Violence Act
  • Who is covered


  • Dowry Harassment
  • What is Dowry
  • What is Stridhan
  • Where can complaints be filed
  • Who can be penalised
  • Who can file

Mental Health

  • Identifying symptoms
  • Mental health consequences
  • Role of Counsellors
  • Violence and mental health

Sexual Harassment Act (SHA)

  • What is SHA at the workplace
  • Who does SHA protect
  • What constitutes as workplace harassment
  • Duties of the employer under SHA
  • Sexual harassment at work can lead to
  • Steps to take
  • Unorganised sector